Mrs. Geeta Salwan

Director's Message

It is said that old habits die hard, Hence it is absolutely imperative that the children are disciplined diligently from a very young age. The school plays an important role in bringing about this positive change. A child spends quality time in school where strong morals are inculcated besides a love for learning. Self exploration is the greatest chase which leads to the augmentation of self esteem and faith. The best way to know one’s self is to remain open to possibilities every moment. We should be open to new ideas and have a pragmatic approach towards life. To explore ourselves would not only enable us to know ourselves but would also give us an insight into others. So children, discover your Ownselves, your hidden talents and have a positive, liberal approach towards circumstances. Be open to new ideas and never cease from self exploration, for in the process of self discovery.

You will discover the true meaning of life.